Taylor Black

Managing Partner, Fizzy Ventures

Bio Info

Taylor Black is a cross-functional team leader and seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for driving innovation and growth. As a co-founder of Fizzy Inc. and the principal program manager at Fizzy Ventures, Microsoft Incubation Studio, Taylor has been at the forefront of entrepreneurial ecosystems, venture studios, and technology and business model innovation.

With a remarkable background that includes working at Innovation Science Fund and serving as a Principal Product Manager at the Office of the CTO Incubator at Microsoft, Taylor's expertise is sought after by founders, corporate innovators, venture accelerators, incubators, and studios alike. Having collaborated with renowned companies such as T-Mobile and Disney, Taylor brings a wealth of experience to the table.

What sets Taylor apart is his ability to guide highly technical product companies from inception to scalable success. With 17 years of experience under his belt, he possesses a unique blend of strategic, operational, and marketing expertise. Currently, Taylor is focused on scaling an internal startup studio and innovation ecosystem within Microsoft's Office of the CTO, transforming it into a powerful growth engine for the company.

For an engaging and insightful podcast guest, look no further than Taylor Black. His deep knowledge and expertise makes him an ideal fit for any podcast audience interested in driving innovation and success in today's dynamic business landscape. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from Taylor and gain valuable insights that can take your venture to the next level.

Previous Interviews

Startup Project

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