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Build Your Legacy. One Interview at a Time

You’re working hard, growing your team and getting your customers amazing results. So why does it feel like all of your expertise exists within a vacuum?

Being a guest on established podcasts is the best way to share your expertise with those who need it most. Every interview is an opportunity to spend an hour directly in the ears of your audience and create an impact in your market.

You’ll grow your audience, gain brand awareness and generate new leads and customers. The best part is, we do all the heavy lifting so all you need to do is show up and speak like the expert you are!

Fastest Growing Marketing Channel

Podcasting is on the rise and more people are getting involved and building huge audiences - including your biggest competitors. Tapping into existing podcasts with their own loyal audiences is making podcasting one of the first places the best B2B companies focus their marketing efforts.

Worldwide Influence from your Office Chair

As a guest on podcasts, you’re able to create a lasting impact worldwide using only your voice and existing expertise. All it takes is an hour - so you can schedule it during the middle of the work day without leaving your office and reach hundreds of thousands of new people. We do all the work to get you booked and the hosts do all the editing to get you published - couldn’t be simpler!

Neel Parekh

Founder, MaidThis

Booking podcast appearances with Legendary Podcasts was a great experience - it’s not often I can say that a company truly over-delivered on their promises.

They got me in touch with some really high profile hosts and got me on some great podcasts. Highly recommended!



Our background is in outreach for lead generation, and we’ve applied these skills to the podcasting world for amazing placements to help your PR strategy


The modern B2B buyer researches companies differently, and hearing someone on a podcast is one of the first ways they get familiar with a new company


The people you meet and can subsequently be introduced to through  podcast appearances are often the highest value connections you’ll ever make