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Every Podcast Appearance Is 30-60 Minutes of You Speaking Directly In The Ears Of Your Ideal Target Market




At Legendary Podcasts, we come from a background of doing expert outreach for lead generation. Several years ago we pivoted our skill set into the podcasting world.

The result is that you’re working with a team who can craft incredibly customized outreach emails, but also has spent the time building a deep network of podcast hosts who would love to feature your expertise on their show. We blend the best of targeted outreach with genuine relationship-building to create the best opportunities possible for you. 

More Sales

No matter what you sell, building your audience and exposure leads to more interest and sales for your company


Hosts have already done the heavy lifting to build their audience, all you need to do is tap into it with your voice and expertise


You’ll meet amazing hosts by guesting on their shows and hosts are often super-connectors and love to help you make valuable introductions


At Legendary Podcasts, we believe in placing you on shows where your message will have the highest impact. This means focusing on relevance over just reach, but more often a combination of the two.

We believe that guesting on shows that are too closely related to your area of expertise results in you speaking to audience of people who simply agree with you and maybe even know you already. Instead, we aim to place you on shows with topics that are adjacent to your topic of expertise - allowing you to gain new followers and expose them to your unique way of thinking. 

Why Our Customers Love Legendary Podcasts?

We maintain a large number of relationships with hosts of podcasts of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. Our host partners trust that our clients are high-quality guests, making it simple for us to get you booked on top shows.

We don’t just limit you to the shows we have relationships with though. We constantly have customers with varied areas of experience, and we love to reach out to new shows on their behalf too.

Dedicated Agent Booking Podcasts For You

Don’t feel comfortable reaching out to podcasts and pitching yourself to get their permission to be on their show? We don’t blame you, that can feel pretty awkward reaching out on your own behalf.

Instead, you’ll have a dedicated agent who knows tons of hosts directly and knows just the right things hosts are looking for when deciding to accept new guests. You’ll also have your own custom made media for pitching you to hosts

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