Managing Partner, Cortado Ventures

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Nathaniel Harding stands as an exceptional force within the realms of technology, innovation, startups, and angel investing. As both the Managing Partner of Cortado Ventures and a distinguished Kauffman Fellow—a prestigious program reserved for the top 1% of venture capitalists—Nathaniel possesses an extraordinary knack for identifying and propelling growth-centric technology companies.

His extensive experience as an entrepreneur, technologist, and visionary makes him a captivating guest for any podcast seeking insightful discussions. Nathaniel has been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and celebrated as a Most Admired CEO in Oklahoma. Under his guidance, Cortado Ventures has grown to manage a substantial $120M in assets, a testament to his strategic acumen and ability to foster success.

Nathaniel's entrepreneurial prowess is accentuated by his involvement in a remarkable $120M sale of a midcontinent resource play, showcasing his adeptness in strategic planning, financial modeling, and harnessing the potential of expansive datasets. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Nathaniel's broad spectrum of experiences and unwavering community dedication underscore his commitment to effecting positive change. A former Air Force Captain and Afghanistan veteran, his devotion to service and collaborative efforts remains evident. Additionally, his global market prowess becomes evident through a successful Beijing-based joint venture with major Chinese entities, demonstrating his proficiency in international business landscapes.

Nathaniel's active engagement in education, economic development, and initiatives fostering social equity reflects his fervor for driving meaningful transformations within communities. His visionary approach is further demonstrated by his appointments, having been chosen by the Oklahoma Governor to chair the workforce and economic development council and appointed by the OKC Mayor to oversee $777M in infrastructure and quality of life projects.

For investors seeking cutting-edge perspectives and avenues for investment within technology, innovation, and startups, Nathaniel Harding offers an invaluable wealth of expertise. With his striking background, entrepreneurial achievements, and unwavering commitment to fostering global betterment, Nathaniel emerges as an exemplary guest for podcasts catering to high net worth entrepreneurs and early-stage visionaries across diverse sectors. Let him inspire your listeners to explore investment prospects that steer growth and prosperity in the ever-evolving panorama of technology and innovation.

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