Emily Berliner

Chief Operating Officer & Founder, EBO Consulting

Bio Info

Emily Berliner is a highly experienced Chief Operating Officer and founder of EBO Consulting Inc., a company specializing in business structuring and planning, document management, meeting support, regulatory and compliance, SOP development, and notary services. Her educational background in corporate finance and strategy, along with her Nonprofit Management Certification, has led her to excel in both for- and nonprofit sectors. Emily's dedication, resourcefulness, and consistency have enabled EBO Consulting to provide top-quality services for their clients.

Emily’s expertise in nonprofit management, client retention, business sustainability, and professional development makes her a valuable asset for any podcast focused on top managers, CEOs, founders, female entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders/board members, and professionals shifting from employed to self-employed. Her professionalism and ethical standards have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau and DotCom Magazine, as well as other awards and accolades. Furthermore, her experience and expertise have allowed her to seamlessly blend existing infrastructure with new systems, making her a valuable guest for any podcast focused on these topics. If you want your listeners to gain valuable insights into the business and nonprofit industries, book Emily now!

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Topic Suggestions

Insights on effective nonprofit management strategies

Best practices for building long-term relationships with customers to retain them

Building and maintaining a resilient and profitable enterprise for sustainability in business

Tips and tools for female entrepreneurs to achieve success in a male-dominated industry

Maximizing benefits and navigating challenges when transitioning from employee to self-employed

Insights for CEOs and founders on building and managing effective teams

Encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship to create a culture of innovation in your organization

Ensuring compliance and mitigating risk when navigating the legal and regulatory landscape

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