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Don Finley is the transformative force behind FINdustries, a leading product development agency that's made a monumental impact on the tech and financial sectors, shaping the landscape of product development with unparalleled innovation. With a remarkable career spanning two decades, Don's expertise in fusing science, art, and technology has propelled his agency to the forefront of the industry. However, Don's journey extends beyond the conventional realms of a CEO. He embraces a visionary perspective, firmly believing that the foundation of business success lies in genuine friendship and shared values.

Rooted in transformative experiences like conquering Kilimanjaro and immersing himself in Peru's vibrant culture, Don's personal growth has redefined his approach to both work and life. The seeds sown during these adventures gave rise to FINdustries ten years ago, a company with a mission that transcends mere profits. Bolstered by a global network of 60+ partners and 16,000 developers, FINdustries has left an indelible mark on the industry, enabling clients to generate over $1 billion in annual revenue. The company's focus on strategic product development addresses the common challenges faced by businesses, culminating in a harmonious blend of technology, camaraderie, and meaningful relationships.

Beyond his involvement with FINdustries, Don is a co-founder and advisor to many startups, ventures that benefit immensely from his profound expertise and innovative thinking. His illustrious career boasts pioneering achievements such as spearheading e-Notes adoption, successfully launching a retail bank, and developing a leading lending platform for a top US mortgage originator. As an engaging speaker for podcasts, Don captivates audiences interested in tech transformation, the future of work, and AI's role in shaping businesses. Inviting Don to share his insights and experiences is an invitation to be inspired and empowered by a dynamic leader who understands the transformative power of integrating technology, friendship, and shared values into a thriving business model.

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