We Live to Build

We Live to Build is a podcast that builds upon its parent company's expertise to provide unique insights to business owners.

The company consults and invests in ecommerce, SaaS, and agencies around the world. They use their partner network to reduce costs, streamline supply chains, solve banking and processing problems, and enable scaling ads. By being entrepreneurs, investors, and consultants themselves, they’ve seen all sides of businesses, and know what current and aspiring business owners want to hear about.

What sets this show apart is their ability to get 7+ figure founders who are willing to go beneath the surface and discuss different aspects of being a business owner.

They conduct 4 types of in-depth interviews:
~ Psychology of Entrepreneurship
~ Founder Journeys
~ Teach Me Something
~ Future of…

Host Info

Sean Weisbrot is an American consultant & investor who lived in China for 10 years, Vietnam for 4 years, and now Portugal for 1.5 years. He taught himself to be fluent and literate in Mandarin at a business level. He started multiple businesses in Asia, including a consulting firm that sold $15M in services in 18 months.

Today he consults businesses buying from China on how to streamline their supply chain and reduce overhead through a variety of services including his exclusive partner network.

He's also an active investor in 3 companies and interviews 7+ figure brand owners on the We Live to Build podcast (180+ episodes to date).