Vikram Saxena

Founder, CEO at BetterCommerce

Bio Info

Vikram is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of global experience in retail and distribution, and the CEO of BetterCommerce. He's not an engineer by qualification but self-taught coding and started his career as a Microsoft Office trainer. However, it was until after having worked in the corporate world for 10 years that he identified a major market gap in eCommerce platforms; they were either too expensive for many mid-market retailers, or inaccessible due to lack of resources required. So, he had the creative need to build something of his own, deep-rooted in his passion for technology, that would shape not only his work ethics but that reflected honesty, kindness, and dedication: BetterCommerce.

BetterCommerce was born to provide customizable eCommerce solutions by adopting an API-first strategy that would handle all the programming issues for mid-market retailers, to make them feel empowered, and able to scale within their own budget constraints. Helping wholesalers steer away from common tech pains has ultimately led them to improve their omnichannel customer experience, no matter how ambitious and complex.

Saxena is one of the few pioneers that successfully addressed such challenges in the eCommerce ecosystem. With an industry-first proposition, he advocates for an evolutionary, LEGO-based or Composable Commerce approach, enabling retailers to enhance front and back-end spaces without a complete system overhaul. Book him now!

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