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Tina White, the founder of Panoramic Academy, is a powerhouse entrepreneur, accountant, and business coach with a true passion for helping service company owners achieve financial success. With a background as a CPA and hands-on experience running her own air conditioning business, Tina brings a unique blend of financial expertise and practical know-how to the table. Her mission is to empower business owners in the home service and technician-turned-business-owner industries to thrive by mastering the business side of their companies.

Tina's journey began with a childhood fascination with numbers and money, leading her to pursue an accounting degree and become a licensed CPA. During her successful public accounting career, she realized her true calling is helping businesses operate and grow profitably while eliminating financial stress. This revelation led her to start Panoramic Business Solutions in 2010, where she used her over 20 years of experience to educate and guide business owners toward financial independence.

In 2015, Tina made a bold move by acquiring an air conditioning company. This hands-on entrepreneurial experience gave her invaluable insights into the challenges faced by service companies, especially the delicate balance between delivering excellent service and ensuring a profitable business. By relying on her love of numbers and deep understanding of cash flow management, Tina turned her struggling business into a thriving enterprise with happy employees, satisfied customers, financial reserves, and profitability year-round.

Her topic expertise on true profitability, money, prices, and financial systems make her an ideal guest for podcasts with an audience of service company owners who want to take their businesses to the next level. For any podcast seeking actionable insights and guidance to help service companies achieve financial health and independence, Tina White's expertise is the missing piece to empower your audience and drive lasting positive change.

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