Ted White

Owner and CEO, Vertical Talent Solutions

Bio Info

Ted White brings over 20 years of IT recruiting experience, focusing on boosting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) through strategic talent acquisition. He has treated his career and business like an athlete improving their sport , continuously fine-tuning and improving performance, efficiency, consistency, and results. Those in the MSP industry identify well with this drive to constantly improve, as they are, by nature, troubleshooters. 

With a background in corporate HR Leadership, Talent Management, and L&D, Ted began his career as an agency recruiter, went into headhunting, and then opened the door into corporate as a contract recruiter before being hired full-time. 

Ted went on to found Vertical Talent Solutions, so he could offer customized and flexible hiring solutions to MSPs who share his core values and who follow structured methodologies such as EOS and TruMethods. His goal is to transform the hiring process from desperate to selective, and to create growth opportunities for everyone involved.

Ted offers great insights into common recruiting mistakes, how to align core values when hiring, and the critical role hiring plays in propelling business success. Anyone involved in hiring and business growth, especially those in MSPs, will benefit greatly from his experience and practical advice.

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