Co-Founder | Chief Revenue Officer at Focus Funnels

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Taylor Frame is the Co-Founder of Focus Funnels, an eCommerce growth shop. He has consulted and worked with over 400+ eComm companies. The agency has launched and scaled over 100 brands to consistent 6-figure months, finding creative solutions for bootstrapped founders. In addition to the overall success, Taylor’s team has managed over $300M in performance ad spend across a variety of niches, driving over $1 billion in tracked revenue.

Taylor helps people scale and optimize eCommerce businesses. He values honesty, transparency, and results. His purpose is to empower business owners, through proven growth strategies and principles, to truly own their business and enjoy their best life. 

This guest is not new to podcasting; he's been on a few interviews already where he's spoken about pivoting and scaling a brand, SMS marketing for retailers, step-by-step processes to acquire more clients, paid advertising, and more. Audiences love his practical tips and deep insights that can help take the mystery out of marketing. Check out other topic suggestions below to get a good sense of what Taylor can cover in an interview that would be ideal for the DTC brand leaders in your audience. Book him now!

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Topic Suggestions

How to make paid ads profitable

SMS marketing strategies and tactics for DTC brands

How to create funnels that consistently acquire customers

Is your product reaching the right audiences?

Creating content that truly converts

What are fashion and apparel eComm brands missing from their performance marketing strategy?

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