Tash Jefferies

Founder, TashJefferies.com

Bio Info

Tash Jefferies is a true powerhouse in the startup ecosystem. With an impressive array of titles under her belt, including 3X Startup founder (Taza, Hirekind, Diversa), internationally acclaimed speaker, bestselling author, and digital strategist, Tash is a force to be reckoned with. Her skill as a resident mentor with 500 Global, a TEDx speaker, and one of the Huffington Post's Top 50 Health Bloggers showcases her unique ability to captivate audiences with her expertise.

Tash's diverse background, marked by a degree in chemistry and biology, over two decades of sales experience, and seven years in management consulting, forms the foundation of her influence in the startup world. Drawing from her multifaceted skillset, she has been instrumental in guiding startups across the globe to unravel the complexities of customer discovery, sales, and marketing engines. Having collaborated with over 300 startups internationally, spanning B2B and B2C models across regions like MENA, Asia, Europe, and North America, Tash possesses a profound understanding of what it takes to achieve product-market fit in diverse markets.

For podcasts tailored to VC fund managers who drive accelerator programs, Tash's dynamic insights into growth hacking, customer discovery, and tech systems building make her an invaluable guest. Her expertise in sales and growth marketing, honed through her work with startups in crafting impactful online presence and marketing strategies, uniquely positions her to share invaluable strategies for boosting sales. Tash is known for bringing her high energy, real life tangible stories and anecdotes, and engaging presentation style to the work she does.

With a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for mentoring, Tash Jefferies is the embodiment of entrepreneurial success and an unwavering advocate for innovation in today's startup landscape. Don't miss the opportunity to tap into her insights, as she imparts her wisdom to propel your audience towards greater success.

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