Skip Wilson

CEO, Draft Media Partners

Bio Info

Skip Wilson's journey in advertising began at the age of 16 as a copywriter. He was trying to impress a girl and so he started looking for writing jobs. Over the years, he ventured into web design and entrepreneurship, ultimately founding his own web design business. His career took an exciting turn when he joined CNN Special Project while in college and worked on the iReport team, honing his prowess in digital media and building new platforms.

Skip's talents and vision led him to Clear Channel Radio, where he played a pivotal role in establishing and expanding the digital division. His dedication and expertise propelled him to the position of Vice President of Digital Media for iHeartMedia where he worked for over a decade.

Eventually, Skip decided to embark on a new venture, creating DRAFT Media Partners, an advertising execution company that now serves over a hundred clients across four locations. As a bestselling author and the host of "The Advertising Podcast," Skip Wilson continues to make his mark in the advertising world. In 2023 his company won "Most Intuitive Software Developer" at the Innovation in Business MarTech Awards, and this year they won the top spot as "Best Marketing Software Developer" at that same award show. 

Marketing and advertising professionals looking to get real, predictable results and improve their business operations will benefit from Skip's expertise and practical insights.

Skip's Podcast

The Advertising Podcast

Marketing professionals love nothing more than trash-talking bad advertising campaigns. This is exactly that. You'll get tactical and practical advice and learn how to troubleshoot your own advertising campaigns and marketing efforts as you hear campaign after campaign fixed in real-time.

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