We're excited to have you get started with us for your podcast booking tour! Please review the terms of our booking service below before signing up:

Number of speakers - This tour is intended for one speaker from your company. If you need additional speakers please do not use this checkout page. We can create a custom contract for you to account for the  set up process and cost of the additional number of speakers.

Upfront and ongoing costs - The prices below are the prepaid cost of your bookings tour. After all of your bookings are completed there is no obligation to continue on, though you may continue booking more podcasts with us without a minimum commitment. Future podcast bookings (after your initial prepaid tour is complete) will be charged at $400 per booking, and will be charged on the Monday after the placement is secured. 

Reschedule policy - We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and try our best to accommodate our customer's schedules. Reschedules can be difficult both for us and the hosts however, so we have the following policy around rescheduling appearances:

  • Customer requests to reschedule - If our customer is requesting to reschedule, we can handle the rescheduling for a $50 rescheduling fee, or make an introduction to the host directly to reschedule the appearance independently of the Legendary Podcasts team.
  • Host requests to reschedule - If the host is requesting a reschedule or proposing a new time, the Legendary Podcasts team will handle the rescheduling at no additional cost. 
  • Customer requests to cancel - If it's the customer requesting to cancel, then we are unable to refund the appearance, as cancellations can negatively affect our relationships with hosts. We ask customers to review shows carefully before agreeing to appear.
  • Host requests to cancel - If a host is requesting to cancel, then the appearance will be credited back to your account and will not count towards your successful prepaid bookings. If you've already been billed for this appearance, it will be refunded back to the card on file upon the host requesting to cancel.

10 Booking Package



Includes 10 Bookings Prepaid

No Set Up Fee

$400 per Booking after first 10 are complete