Shirley Engelmeier

CEO & Founder, InclusionINC

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Long before diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) became the focus of organization leaders around the globe,Shirley was leading the way in helping organizations build inclusive cultures to drive business success. She’s been a thought leader in DEI and positioning inclusion as a business driver for more than 25 years.

Since 2001, as the founder of InclusionINC, she has helped global Fortune 500 companies and emerging organizations develop and implement DEI initiatives that drive business results. With her passion for teaching businesses to leverage inclusion to drive employee engagement, productivity, innovation and retention, Engelmeier began to share her philosophies and thought leadership on DEI in books designed for c-suite leaders and executives.

Shirley is also addressing the reasons behind the anti-DEI pushback that has emerged over the past three or so years. With extensive and credible research that validates the profitability of well reasoned DEI approaches, she wants to ensure business leaders can move beyond the misinformation that is becoming more and more mainstream and implement DEI in a way that enhances their business strategy.

Don't miss this opportunity to have her share these valuable insights with your listeners. DEI not only works, when implemented correctly, but can help drive profitability, after all it is ultimately about meeting the needs of changing clients and customers to sell more goods and services. 


Deliberate Disruption: Unraveling the Anti-DEI Ideology & Getting Back to Why DEI Works

Coming  end of August 2024

Inclusion: STILL the Competitive Business Advantage

Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate the 21st Century Global Workforce

Inclusion: The New Competitive Business Advantage

TEDx Talk

Shirley Engelmeier: Shift to Inclusion

In her talk, Shirley Engelmeier discusses the importance of inclusion in the workforce and beyond. Engelmeier outlines how we can adopt simple behaviors and habits to make our world more inclusive, and better understand the value of having different voices, experiences, and ideas. For over two decades, Shirley has advised Fortune 500 companies and emerging organizations on creating inclusive, high performance leaders and enterprises. 

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