Sam Sherman

Co-Founder, Socium Media

Bio Info

Sam Sherman, a seasoned digital marketing strategist with more than nine years on the agency side, is the co-founder of Socium Media, an NYC-based performance marketing agency. Inspired by his late grandfather's entrepreneurial spirit, Sam's #1 goal is creating an exceptional workplace.

Starting in 2012 as a paid search associate in Ohio, Sam moved to NYC, contributing significantly to award-winning digital agencies. He branched off and started his own business in 2017, only to officially join forces with his now business partner to found Socium Media in April 2019. The agency has seen over 12x revenue growth, managing a $150 million annual paid media budget.

Sam attributes Socium's success to a supportive company culture. Providing exceptional perks and career growth opportunities, the agency thrives as a talent-driven environment.

His experience, entrepreneurial journey, and digital strategy expertise make him compelling for audiences exploring the dynamics of digital marketing and team building in today's business landscape.

Topic Suggestions

Data-Driven Excellence: The Cornerstone of Effective Digital Strategies

Crafting Memorable Ads: Merging Data, Creative Concepts, and KPI Targets

Bridging Data and Creativity: Transforming Insights into Innovative Concepts

Beyond Best Practices: Unleashing Creative Strategies for Brand Brilliance

Testing Creative Strategies to Elevate Your Brand Across Channels

Holistic Marketing: Going Beyond the Metrics

Cracking the Digital Marketing Code: Proven Tactics Unveiled

Team Dynamics: Building a Cohesive and Productive Unit

Adapting to Change: Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Blueprint for Success: Crafting a Winning Team

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