Sam Sherman

Co-Founder, Socium Media

Bio Info

Sam Sherman is the co-founder of Socium Media, a leading growth marketing agency based in NYC. He has over 12 years experience in the paid media world and currently focuses his responsibilities in making Socium the #1 agency to work for in the US.

Sam’s journey in digital marketing began in 2012 when he ran a paid search ad as a college student at RIT promoting himself to try and land a job at one of the top digital marketing agencies across the US. That initiative quickly landed him as a paid search associate at an award-winning digital agency in Cleveland, Ohio. His path soon led him to NYC, where he worked for another top agency that had a great focus on culture. In 2017, he branched out on his own to start a new business, and by April 2019, he joined forces with his now-business partner and co-founded Socium Media. Socium manages over a $100 million annual budget across paid media. They specialize in Paid Media, SEO and Performance Creative.

At the core of Socium’s success lies Sam’s commitment to fostering a supportive and dynamic company culture. By offering outstanding perks and career development opportunities, the agency has not only propelled overall growth but its also received accolades from several prestigious sources, including: Inc. 5000, AdWeek’s Fastest Growing Agency, Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work, and more.

Sam’s rich experience, entrepreneurial journey, and expertise in digital strategy positions him as an influential voice for those navigating today’s dynamics of digital marketing and team development. His insights do more than just highlight the road to success in digital marketing; they emphasize the importance of building a company culture that prioritizes its people—underscoring the belief that a team’s well-being is the root of success.

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