Perky Collar Radio Show

This is a podcast that shares the story of invention, Entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Each week David M.Frankel sits down with a founder to get an inside look into their business and their journey. Join David as we learn about "Why" each business owner started their business, what mistakes they have made along the way, and what they have learned from those mistakes. Many business owners will also share a success story that really ignites why they do what they do.

Tune in and enjoy these great stories from the backbone of America, business owners.

Host Info

Aside from being a podcast host, David M. Frankel is a dynamic Entrepreneur, Inventor, Founder/CEO, Business Broker & Commercial Real Estate Broker. 

He started Perky, LLC in 2015 to leave a legacy for his children and have control of his time. Balancing family life and work life has been the greatest driving force when he decided to become a full-time Entrepreneur.

David started Perky, LLC-The Clothing Innovation Company after the Perky Collar became patent pending. Perky, LLC now carries 9 inventions for both men and women that solve clothing related problems. David has collaborated with other inventors from across the country so they could all be found in one place. These items can be found on his website,

Currenty, 367 stores from across the globe carry one or more of the Perky, LLC products and over 20,000 Perky Collars have been sold globally.

After waiting 6 years, the Perky Collar patent was finally issued in Oct. 2021.

On top of raising 6 kids and running a business, he also gives back to the community in several ways. First, is the Charlotte Entrepreneur Think Tank, where he conducts monthly meetings to help Charlotte based businesses deal with day to day challenges and celebrate successes.

From the Charlotte Entrepreneur Think Tank, he found volunteers to help launch Real Entrepreneur Experience and Learning 100 in CMS local Middle schools to teach kids about the invention process. To learn more visit:

Podcaster, Radio and TV show host where he uses his experience to promote other businesses across the country. under the heading media.

David auditioned for Shark Tank w/his oldest son, Bryce, in April 2017 with his invention, the Perky Collar- collar support system for dress shirts.