Pat Meegan

Partner, Maple Street Advisors

Bio Info

Pat Meegan is a seasoned professional having come from Fortune 500 analytics and sales roles and then moved into consulting. He has extensive experience across technology, industrials, consumer products, retail, and e-commerce. With a focus on subscription programs, pricing, and product strategy, Pat is committed to uncovering and quantifying value drivers, ensuring pricing and product strategies align seamlessly with customer-perceived value.

Utilizing quantitative survey methods, data and competitive analysis, and insightful interviews, Pat excels at designing packaging for product offerings that resonate with customer needs and values. This strategic approach not only fosters trade-up opportunities but also contributes to increased sales and profitability. Pat's expertise extends to overhauling pricing and packaging for technology products, where he tailors strategies around specific needs and outcome segments, navigating the dynamic landscape with precision.

An internationally sought-after speaker, Pat loves collaborating with people and teams to achieve amazing results and his holistic understanding of various industries, coupled with his results-oriented approach, positions him as an influential figure shaping the discourse on effective pricing strategies and product value.

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