Miranda McKie

CEO & Founder, McKie Consultants

Bio Info

Miranda McKie is a visionary leader, founder, and CEO of McKie Consultants, with a deep passion for data and design. Her expertise in HR / people analytics, product management, design thinking, and training enables her to help her clients achieve their strategic organizational goals. In the HR domain, she has a proven track record of utilizing data-driven techniques to identify and mitigate systemic institutional barriers that impact underrepresented groups. In the product management domain, she works with clients around the globe to implement best-in-class SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms.


Miranda has received many recognitions for her contributions to these fields; she received the 2020 Catalyst Canada Emerging Leader Award and was most recently featured as one of The Silicon Review's Top 50 Leading Companies in 2023.


Miranda is passionate about giving back to the community.  She currently lectures at Canadian universities, teaching People Analytics. She also previously co-foundered and was President of the non-profit Young Women in Business (YWiB) Toronto, which helped over a thousand women develop their professional networks.


Miranda's experience and leadership make her an excellent choice for podcasts that cater to CHROs, CEOs, CFOs, CPOs (Chief Product Officers) CDOs (Chief Data Officers), CTOs, and diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals.


She has a strong commitment to creating positive and productive workplace cultures by leveraging data, technology, and design and makes her a rising trailblazer in the field.


Miranda's inspirational work and passion for people analytics and product management make her a valuable asset for any podcast or discussion on DEI.

Industry Recognition

The Silicon Review

McKie Consultants And Krohn Marketing Introduce New Data-Driven Employer Brand Solution

The Silicon Review

Accenture's Miranda McKie Named Catalyst Honours Emerging Leader Champion for 2020 Français

Accenture's Miranda McKie Named Catalyst Honours Emerging Leader Champion for 2020


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Topic Suggestions

Leveraging HR analytics to drive strategic decision-making in the organization

How to implement effective product management strategies to meet DEI goals

Incorporating design thinking principles into DEI initiatives to create more inclusive and innovative solutions

The role of training and development in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Using data to identify and address unconscious bias in HR practices

Measuring the effectiveness of DEI initiatives through metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Developing a comprehensive DEI strategy and roadmap that aligns with organizational goals and values

Building a culture of inclusion through effective change management and leadership practices

Incorporating ethical considerations into product management and design

Leveraging data and advanced analytics to drive product development and innovation

Creating responsible AI products: Balancing innovation with ethical considerations

The role of data in responsible product management and development

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