Micah Peterson

Chief Product Evangelist, ProcedureFlow

Bio Info

Micah Peterson, a co-founding member of ProcedureFlow, stands at the intersection of software development, customer service, and knowledge sharing. A knowledge management expert and enthusiast, Micah has been helping companies transform their knowledge management for more than 15 years.

Recognizing the challenges of attaining true subject matter expertise, even within a small support team, Micah became intrigued by the discipline of knowledge management. His fascination propelled him on a journey to address these challenges. Along the way he has become Knowledge Centered Services certified (KCS) and created patented software to help build and maintain knowledge bases. Now, as a member of the founding team and the VP of Product Management at ProcedureFlow, he is able to use his passion to help
organizations manage their knowledge in ways they never thought possible.

For podcast hosts aiming to provide their audience with expert insights into the intricacies of customer experience, Micah Peterson stands out as a speaker who not only understands the challenges but has actively contributed to solutions. His ability to articulate nuanced topics with clarity and relevance ensures that discussions on knowledge management, agent experience, and customer experience will resonate deeply with listeners.

When he’s not sharing his love for knowledge management, you can find Micah playing with his seven kids, solving a Rubik’s Cube, or helping out at his local church.

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