Melissa Hall Klepacki

Founder, GutReset123

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Melissa Hall Klepacki, a wellness advocate and healer, offers a vital perspective for those seeking answers beyond traditional medicine. With a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and a background in Education, Melissa has made it her life’s work to help people understand the WHY behind their symptoms. 

In her 40s, Melissa battled persistent health issues, consulting 12 doctors before uncovering Lyme Disease as the culprit. It was a lengthy detox protocol that ultimately led to her full recovery, informing her work to lead others through the same journey.

Melissa now collaborates with individuals nationwide, offers access to functional lab testing and develops solid protocols for healing. She is the Founder of GutReset123, a 12-week program that offers precision functional gut testing and personalized protocols to take people from constipation to liberation.

Her approach is straightforward and empowering. Through simple changes and informed choices, Melissa aims to restore wellness and vitality to peoples' lives. She encourages individuals to prioritize self-care, believing it's crucial for a healthier world. As a seasoned wellness professional, Melissa is here to share her knowledge, her journey and her triumph over adversity, making her an engaging guest for podcasts where people strive to better themselves.

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This is your Daily Health Tip brought to you by Melissa Hall Klepacki. Sharing researched-based wellness tips and suggestions in under 3 minutes a day. ”Simple changes + better choices are your ways to wellness”. Also on Instagram @melissahallklepacki and on Alexa in the Flash Briefing section. Add this, tune in and be well!

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