Max Emma

Founder, CEO | BooXkeeping

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With multiple years of experience as the CEO and Chief Bookkeeping Officer at BooXkeeping, Max leads a team of professional accountants who provide high-quality and reliable bookkeeping services to a variety of businesses nationwide. He created a unique structure for BooXkeeping, where each client gets two to three accountants working on their behalf, ensuring the highest accuracy and efficiency for their finances. Max also oversees the preparation of the income statements and balance sheets that are critical for clients' success and growth.

The goal of BooXkeeping is to bring new life to a very old profession - bookkeeping. They believe in being cool, supporting constant growth, and making the most out of all aspects of life. That's why they consider themselves#coolbeancounters!

In 2020, he expanded his vision and launched BooXkeeping Franchise, Inc., a low-cost and easy-to-operate bookkeeping business solution for aspiring entrepreneurs. As the CEO, he finds potential franchisees and offers them a turn-key opportunity to join the BooXkeeping family and benefit from their innovative accounting services, proven systems, and ongoing support. His goal is to offer franchising opportunities in all 50 states by 2025 and to bring new life to one of the world's oldest professions. He's a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a graduate of the Franchise Management Bootcamp at the University of Louisville.

A Clear Rated 2022 "Best of Accounting" award winner and 2023 Financial Services Review "Top bookkeeping services provider", your guests can learn great insights on redefining bookkeeping and the opportunities of owning a successful bookkeeping business from Max.

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