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Matt Genovese

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Matt is the founder of Planorama - a user experience design firm focusing on making otherwise complex, technical software to be simple and intuitive to use. He spent the first half of his 25-year engineering career in the semiconductor industry as a chip designer and the latter half in software product development. Outgoing and always a networker at one point, he built the largest technology community in Austin, Texas with over 30,000 members. He began in computers at a young age in the early 1980s teaching himself BASIC and assembly language by middle school, and was an early adopter of Linux in the late 1990’s. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Planorama's mantra is "Time to market, accelerated by design". They are unique because of their deep technical knowledge across many domains, and their view that design is a catalyst for efficiency which translates into getting products to market quickly. Matt and his team address product requirements, research, UX design, and deliver solid, detailed “dev-ready” product documentation for developers and QA so they are highly efficient.

This guest speaker is adept at communicating at any level, from novices to experienced engineers and executives. He can speak about UX and product design, product management, Agile requirement scoping, SaaS, and technical topics including IoT, semiconductors, AI, edge processing, RISC-V, and more. He communicates in a simple, concise, and captivating manner, and VPs, CTOs, CEOs, and CFOs responsible for product development will receive actionable guidance after hearing what Matt has to offer.

Moreover, Planorama's current focus is on building an innovative platform in the education/ed-tech space. The platform allows students to interact with their textbooks by asking questions and receives natural language responses sourced from the textbook's information. Leveraging AI technology, the platform even provides relevant page citations. Book him now and help educate your listeners!


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Matt Genovese of Planorama Design


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