Mark Phillips

Founder & Board Chair at HireEducation

Bio Info

Mark is the Founder and CEO of HireEducation. He supports his team to build authentic and inclusive partnerships for EdTech startups that work directly with Early Childhood, K12, and Higher Education, and Workforce sectors. He's been in the recruiting space since the late 90s before transitioning into EdTech with the mission to change the future of education.

Professionals interested in educational technology, sales, remote company culture, and mental health for leaders will benefit from his insights and most likely, from his puns too! Book him now!

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Topic Suggestions

What does "being a good person" at work mean? 

The "Relationship Sales" Cliché — Why does it matter in EdTech?

Navigating the EdTech Sales Landscape — Strategies for success

Leadership Beyond Profits — The Human side of EdTech business

Workplace Diversity — Ethical innovation and responsibility in EdTech

How can EdTech startups compete in a fast-paced and ongrowing digital era?

Analyzing the competitive landscape of the EdTech industry and its impact on innovation

Remote Learning, Remote Leading — EdTech leadership in the new normal

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