Lyle Donan

Co-Founder at Source 7 | Founder at Room and Pillar

Bio Info

With a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit spanning beyond two decades, Lyle Donan has been instrumental in the conception and growth of multiple ventures within Forensic Engineering, InsurTech, and PropTech landscapes.

 Lyle serves on the Board of Alpine Intel, the powerhouse behind Donan Solutions(previously known as Donan Engineering Co., Inc.), where he provided visionary leadership and transformational growth as the CEO & President for fifteen years. As the Co-Founder of Source7, created as "the source of truth" for high resolution asset data, he has demonstrated laser-focus on bringing to market and delivering state-of-the-art services and technologies for property condition evaluations and damage assessments throughout North America.

In 2018, Lyle's passion and commitment to innovation in the property space led him to found Room & Pillar. Today, he continues to wear multiple hats—as an entrepreneur, an investor, and a trusted adviser. Lyle's expertise is highly sought after by numerous InsurTech and PropTech enterprises, which thrive at the crossroads of property and casualty, real estate, and interconnected sectors.

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