Lisa Arie

Co-Founder and CEO, Vista Caballo

Bio Info

Lisa Arie, co-founder of Vista Caballo, designs and leads personal and leadership development experiences. Called the "CEO Whisperer" by Fast Company magazine, Lisa's journey is as diverse as it is inspiring.

Raised in New York and traversing the globe due to her father's job, she encountered cultures from Maori to Maasai, and even experienced historic events like the Singapore-Malaysian Riots.

Lisa skyrocketed in the advertising industry, producing iconic campaigns for brands like Adidas and British Airways. After working for major agencies for nine years, Lisa started her own businesses and grew them into multi-million dollar companies. However, a brush with a terminal illness led her to re-evaluate what was important in life and what she wanted to leave the world in terms of contribution. Rejecting the notion of dying without truly living, she embraced a new path, finding transformative answers in the world of horse whispering.

Recognized for her insights, Lisa has presented to the Aspen Institute, Bioneers, Columbia University, the World Innovation Convention in Cannes, the Young Presidents Organization, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and BMedia’s Best for the World at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business among others.

If you are looking for strategic human and leadership development insights to share with your listeners, don’t miss this opportunity to book Lisa. She excels at helping visionary, people-centric, impact-driven leaders unlock team and company growth for good.

Lisa's Book

Crossing the Silly Bridge

Crossing the Silly Bridge is the tale of how I got from 'there' to here. It was the first step I took in creating my own story, rather than the story others wanted me to tell. Too often, we find ourselves surrounded by a bubble of success. And we become trapped by it. In my new work, we talk about transforming the leaders who are transforming the planet. Crossing the Silly Bridge is about how I transformed myself, first. How I got the courage to leave what I knew, to start something new.

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