Founder & Portfolio Manager, GrizzlyRock Capital

Kyle Mowery

Bio Info

Kyle Mowery is the founder & portfolio manager at GrizzlyRock Capital. With a career spanning 18 years, Kyle's journey commenced at PAAMCO, a leading fund of hedge funds, where he honed his skills as an analyst. Later, he delved into the high-yield corporate securities sector at T.H. Lee Senior Credit Strategies. His expertise further blossomed at BMO Capital Markets, where he joined the middle market leveraged finance team. In 2012, Kyle founded GrizzlyRock Capital, where he takes a fundamental, value-oriented research approach focused on finding clarity within complexity in small cap companies.

GrizzlyRock’s rigorous research and structured investment process provides a sturdy foundation for systematically identifying substantially mispriced securities with high risk/reward asymmetry. GrizzlyRock manages concentrated portfolios and take a constructive approach to engagement with portfolio companies.

For those seeking a dynamic and insightful voice on podcasts targeting family offices, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, mutual fund managers, and pension plan executives, and those who avidly read the Wall Street, Kyle Mowery is the perfect choice. With his background and experience in fundamental investing, small-cap stocks, and long/short hedge funds, Kyle brings a unique perspective to the table. His approach, rooted in fundamental analysis and unwavering discipline, has allowed him to uncover market mispricings and focus on a select few high-conviction investment opportunities.

In a medium flooded with information, Kyle's ability to identify and execute upon substantial mispricing opportunities makes him an ideal guest for podcasts, offering invaluable insights into navigating the complex world of finance, particularly within the realm of small-cap investments and hedge funds. Don't miss the chance to tap into Kyle's wealth of knowledge and expertise, a true asset for any podcast catering to finance enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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