Founder and CEO at Candor

Kelsey Bishop

Bio Info

Kelsey believes that true job satisfaction in tech comes when people can be themselves in an inclusive and accepting team. In May 2021, she founded Candor (and has raised $5M in funding since), a platform that provides users a chance to create job profiles with real, honest feedback that may result in better self-awareness, more growth, and greater fulfillment at work.

Bishop began her career as an employee in early-stage startups. She's led operations, partnerships, and business growth projects with teams that seemed magical, but she also collaborated with more challenging groups. Kelsey now feels lucky to contribute to a product that helps others make work their happy place.

This charismatic guest speaker is a nomad between New York City, San Francisco, and Lisbon. She loves biking and is looking to connect with listeners that want to find belonging at work on a more human level. Book her now!

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