Justin Crawford

CEO & Founder

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Justin Crawford is the Founder & CEO of The Automation Company, where he empowers businesses and professionals to harness the power of marketing automation and RevOps. He is also a HubSpot User Group Leader, driving efficiency and innovation while advocating for diversity in the tech industry.

Justin has become a sought-after voice due to his understanding of today’s competitive business climate. He loves sharing what he has learned and passing on his blueprint for success to hungry businesses struggling to nail down a workable marketing strategy. He is a thought leader who fosters inclusive, dynamic, and supportive work environments. His commitment to excellence and innovation was recognized in 2023 when he received HubSpot's Global HEART Award.

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Previous Interviews

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#17: RevOps Automation & AI with Justin Crawford, CEO of The Automation Company

Topic Suggestions

The importance of fostering enthusiasm and diversity in tech

Elevating digital marketing with simple, effective, and personalized strategies

How marketing automation can maximize your return on investment

Building a culture of belonging

The role and challenges of remote work in the tech space

RevOps: How to face the challenges of alignment, efficiency and accountability

Technology innovation: How to remain cutting-edge

Leadership and Mentorship: How to cultivate a great work environment

Building a team that you can count on to add value where you need it the most

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