John Rarrick

Head of Marketing | Movius Corp.

Bio Info

John Rarrick is Head of Marketing at Movius where he is responsible for all brand, customer acquisition, and partner marketing strategy. He has held senior marketing leadership roles at T-Mobile, Sprint, and Comcast, and is the former CEO and co-founder at BullsEye Public Relations. John’s area of expertise in the B2B technology space includes brand development, communications and crisis management, digital marketing and social media, and digital sustainability programs. He is passionate about leadership development and building highly efficient and versatile teams.

An engaging speaker, John can provide valuable insights on why innovation in digital communication technology is needed and how applying it correctly can impact culture, marketing, cyber compliance, and digital sustainability goals.   

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Topic Suggestions

Neuromarketing, AI, & Business — Thoughts, feelings, memories, and assumptions that drive decision-making

The human touch in business, cyber communication, and marketing 

Mobile Communications Evolution — The Emoji phenomenon and its impact in the modern workplace

How are hospitals keeping up with communication technology and cyber compliance?

A venture into the future of communication in higher education

What is smarter than cellphones for work communications in K12 schools?

Digital Sustainability - Using tech to impact the current climate situation

What is Phone 3.0 and the role it plays in the future of communication?

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