Jess Weems Thibault

VP of Growth at HireEducation

Bio Info

Jess Weems Thibault is the VP of Growth at HireEducation, a talent service firm that supports education and EdTech partners in the Early Childhood, K12, Higher Education, and Workforce sectors. She works with industry leaders to strategically grow by hiring executive, sales, marketing, product and operations teams in organizations of all sizes with the goal of providing equitable access to education and economic mobility

Inspiring others to open their eyes and find new horizons, seek ambitions, and leverage talent with creativity and self-reflection drives Jess to make high impact and nurture happy, successful communities. She has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, an MEd in Secondary Science Education, and a BS in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Jess is here to share how leveraging authentic partnerships can create a new landscape for mission-driven companies.  She utilizes deep industry knowledge and a lot of heart to support companies in their recruitment journey, from always being ready for change to maximizing business growth. Book her now!

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