Jeff Tarran

COO at gunderson direct, inc.

Bio Info

Jeff decided on a career in advertising in his teenage years and never looked back. After having worked at a variety of branding and content agencies he ran his own direct mail agency for a dozen years. In 2018 he joined Gunderson Direct, Inc., where he is now COO. Gunderson Direct uses address-based data to help B2B and B2C businesses drive new leads and close more sales using direct mail.

Jeff played an important role in Gunderson Direct's growth, helping it to scale from $5mm to $25mm over six years. A veteran in B2B and B2C marketing, he is now ready to continue to help other marketing leaders in FinTech, healthcare, and other industries to successfully stand out from the crowd with direct mail.

Jeff is an expert in direct mail. But, also in building agency teams for growth. At Gunderson Direct, he sees across all operational departments (creative, data, production, and account management) to ensure seamless and constantly improving service. That includes all aspects of overall agency strategy and resource management.

Currently, his team is pioneering the use of AI in the world of direct mail. They are changing how content is created and how data can be more efficiently and effectively analyzed for Client success.

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