Founder & Chairman, The Turnlab
CEO & Founder, JustBoardrooms (Incubated At The Turnlab)  

Bio Info

Howard Chang, an accomplished entrepreneur and change maker, is the driving force behind theturnlab, a thriving marketing and technology firm headquartered in Toronto. After more than two decades as founding CEO of an award winning ad agency, Howard decided to take the radical step to wind down his successful company in order to build a new model of agency that could solve big business problems at the intersection of marketing, culture, and technology. His journey as a serial entrepreneur began at the age of 20, where he experienced early success, amassing his first million by 23, only to face bankruptcy at 29. Undeterred, Howard reinvented himself and went on to launch and successfully exit from three previous startups, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability.

Howard's companies past and present spans diverse sectors, including retail, product design, sports marketing, film and stills production, commercial real estate, advertising and digital technology. His deep-seated passion for innovation and problem-solving has culminated in his latest venture theturnlab, a consultancy led marketing technology firm and his latest startup incubated by theturnlab - Just Boardrooms. Just Boardrooms is an AirBNB style marketplace that aims to revolutionize the way people work by offering a frictionless website and app to bring people together for moments that matter. Simultaneously, theturnlab reflects Howard's commitment to making a positive impact on the world, with a strong focus on sustainability and social good by operating theturnlab 100% carbon neutral and achieving B Corp certification in 2018.

As a recent cancer survivor, devoted family man and insatiable adventurer, Howard brings a wealth of life experiences to the table. His diverse expertise in sustainability, marketing, digital transformation, branding, and business consulting, combined with his profound insights into the future of work and business purpose, makes Howard Chang an ideal guest for podcasts catering to CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and COOs. His compelling story of resilience and reinvention, coupled with his invaluable insights, will undoubtedly captivate and inspire listeners, offering fresh perspectives on the dynamic intersection of marketing, culture, and technology. Don't miss the opportunity to engage with Howard Chang, a true industry luminary who has navigated the ever-evolving business landscape with unwavering determination and vision.

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Topic Suggestions

Close the gap to your audience: How an evidence based approach ensures your brand shows up where and when your customer spends their attention

The future of work: How hybrid work is creating a collaboration deficit and impacting worker mental health and product innovation

Business as a force for good: A triple bottom line commitment to people, planet, and prosperity can attract better clients and talent

Digital Transformation: What this means for organizations and their leaders in the face of Ai, regulation and global challenges

Lessons from an entrepreneur: How to bend but not break in the face of failures to come back stronger and smarter

From startup to scaleup: The tools, the teams and the process required to build the next big thing

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