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Eric Simonson

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Eric is the Founder and CEO of Abundo, a financial planning firm where they teach and empower people to take action and have ownership of their financial lives. He’s on a mission to help as many people as he can with high-quality and conflict-free financial planning.

After working as a traditional advisor for over a decade, Eric saw a need to help people who couldn’t work with a traditional financial advisor since most require having a certain amount of money to invest with them first.

Simonson left his corporate job and launched a different model, one where he was only paid for giving honest advice that benefited his clients, not him. He built Abundo around a Flat Fee and Advice-Only Financial Planning model, eliminating all conflicts of interest, without overcharging for professional advice and using proven low-cost investments. His firm now provides guidance to over 300 clients in all areas of their financial lives.

Eric is a passionate foodie and an aspiring yogi. He is also an avid traveler and chances are you’ll find him in Italy, Hawaii, Argentina, or anywhere other than his Minneapolis home. (He’s also a travel hacking expert.)

Audiences looking for advice on financial topics from general to topical will enjoy Eric’s approachable style of financial advice. DIY financial fans will appreciate how he’s tackling the traditional financial advice industry. Business owners unsure of how to attract new clients or grow their business will learn from Eric’s story and be inspired by his mission.

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