Eric Preston

CEO and Founder, Agent Launch

Bio Info

Eric is the driving force behind Agent Launch. He's not your typical CEO; he's a trailblazer who's personally elevated thousands of real estate agents' careers by staying on top of cutting edge lead generation and conversion strategies.

Eric has overseen over $11.5 million in ad spend for real estate agents, been directly a part of 3000+ of real estate sales, and coached several hundreds of agents on how to build lead generation systems, conversion systems, and YouTube channels. He has a unique perspective on what's working today and loves to share that information with agents.

Moreover, by featuring Eric on your podcast, you'll connect with an engaged audience of 55,000+ real estate professionals across various platforms. This isn't just a statistic; it represents a community of dedicated learners and doers – individuals who align with your target audience.

His approach is all about giving value first, which is why his agents are killing it in the market. Bringing Eric on as a podcast guest means aligning with a leader who is as genuine and results-focused as you are.

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