Emily Easley

CEO - NOVUS Energy Advisors

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Building on her Texas oil & gas roots and an almost two-decade long career in the renewable energy and power businesses, Emily founded NOVUS Energy Advisors, an independent consulting firm offering strategic services across the energy and cleantech industries, to offer a bridge between the traditional and alternative energy markets. The company’s unique combination of deep industry knowledge and extensive network across the renewable energy, oil, gas, and utility industries enables clients to seize opportunities for growth and profitability, capitalizing on the transition to a lower carbon future.

Previously, Emily worked with midstream and exploration & production companies at ERE Strategies, a renewable energy consulting practice. Her clients consisted of oil & gas fund managers and midstream service companies, where she spearheaded their efforts to identify growth strategies in the renewable energy space, including project acquisition, deal-flow, fundraising, and strategic counsel on new markets and partnership. Emily was then recruited as CEO by client, Foundation Energy Management, to launch NOVUS Clean Energy from the ground up to build out a clean energy investment vehicle for their Limited Partners.

Prior to ERE Strategies, Emily spent a decade working with Washington, D.C.-based national clean energy associations, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Association (SEPA). She was charged with successfully driving, developing and generating membership revenue on behalf of the organizations. During her tenure, she managed seven figure budgets, cultivated thousands of corporate relationships across the power and renewable energy industries, and increased sales to drive exponential growth.

She has provided strategic counsel and investor services across the energy industry, leveraging her unique experience across the renewable, energy storage, oil & gas, distributed generations, and regulated and un-regulated power markets. CEOs seeking help to navigate the evolving energy landscape and understand how policy impacts energy investments can benefit from Emily's candid and unbiased insights.

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