Founder & CEO, Shurig Solutions Inc.

Darwin Shurig

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Darwin Shurig is a seasoned entrepreneur and talent management expert, with a proven track record of delivering strategic value to medical device, lifescience, and pharma companies. He founded Shurig Solutions, Inc. in 2015 and is responsible for business development processes, contracting, and recruiting strategy, personally responsible for over $4 million in revenue generation while scaling a business that was paid $2.4 million in 2022 for the value it brings. Darwin has created the SSI Educational Webinar Series, the SSI Executive Conversations Podcast™, Candidate Prep Best Practices, and the Top Talent Accelerant Process™. At SSI, he has built a successful executive recruiting firm that partners with clients to fill their greatest talent needs, strategically support initiatives, matching top performers with great companies and improving the quality of their most important resource: people.

Darwin's expertise in talent management and recruitment, combined with his clinical background as a respiratory therapist and years of experience in sales, business development, marketing, and negotiations, make him a great fit for podcasts targeting CEOs and professionals in high-level regulatory affairs, quality, engineering, commercial, operations, clinical, and marketing fields. He has also been featured in the book "The American Entrepreneur," awarded as an MRI Top 10 Managing Partner, 2022 MRI President's Club, Achiever Award, Top 2 Managing Partner/Owner, and admitted into the prestigious Pinnacle Society. Darwin's passion for people and philanthropy, as evidenced by his support of independent charities and his position on the board of the MRI Charitable Foundation, make him a great role model and thought leader for any audience seeking to learn more about talent management, recruitment, and industry insights.

If your audiences are seeking to grow their company's market share and enhance their positive culture and team environment, Darwin Shurig is the expert they need to hear from!


SSI Executive Conversations Podcast

SSI Executive Conversations Podcast™

A Medical Podcast

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The Resilient Recruiter

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LSI - Life Science Intelligence™

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Shurig Solutions Inc

Shurig Solutions Inc

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Topic Suggestions

Attracting and retaining top talent in the medical device and pharma industries

Creating the right QMS for your TA processes while customizing your interview process to hire for culture

Present trends and challenges in the recruitment of top talent in the medical device and pharma industries

What do talent strategy "best practices" have in common with clinical trials, regulatory pathways, design quality, manufacturing processes, and commercial launch strategies?

Compensation challenges and industry trends in regulatory affairs, quality, engineering, marketing, and strategic initiatives

Expertise in talent evaluation, recruiting top talent, and creating a system that hires for attitude, cultural fit, & opportunity for growth

The importance of understanding your why in entrepreneurial success & building successful companies

The future of talent management and recruitment: Emerging trends and technologies

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