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Daniel Todd

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Daniel Todd is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in mobile advertising, digital marketing, and business strategy. As the CEO of Influence Mobile, Daniel has a track record of creating positive work environments that have earned his companies numerous "Best Places to Work" awards. With two companies that have placed on the Inc. 5000 list and recognition from publications such as Puget Sound Business Journal, Daniel has proven his ability to lead companies to success. As a monthly contributor to Inc.com and Entrepreneur.com, Daniel is a recognized thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing, and business growth.

With his expertise in culture, leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, and remote work, Daniel would be an excellent fit as a guest on podcasts with an audience of CEOs and founders. Furthermore, his experience as a mentor and adviser to dozens of startups through the Disney Accelerator and TechStars programs, along with his previous role as co-founder of online media company Zango, has equipped him with a unique perspective and set of skills that would make him an invaluable guest on any podcast. Listeners would benefit greatly from Daniel's insights on how to utilize technology and metrics to build a successful and thriving company culture.

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Topic Suggestions

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