DR. Craig Joseph

Chief Medical Officer, Nordic Global

Bio Info

Dr. Craig Joseph is an accomplished physician informaticist with a remarkable blend of healthcare and technology expertise spanning over 25 years. Serving as Nordic's Chief Medical Officer since June 2020, Dr. Joseph's background is a testament to his commitment to elevating healthcare through human-centered design and health IT solutions.

With a strong foundation as a primary care pediatrician, he then delved into the realm of health IT, spending over six years at Epic, where he played a pivotal role in constructing the Foundation System and implementing electronic health records for customers across the US and Europe. He later assumed the mantle of Chief Medical Information Officer at various healthcare institutions, leveraging his deep knowledge of both Cerner and Epic systems to drive operational efficiency and enhance patient care.

For podcasts catering to an audience of C-suite executives in hospital systems and healthcare payers, Dr. Joseph is a must-have guest. His wealth of experience not only as a practitioner but also as a key figure in shaping health IT strategies makes him an invaluable source of insights. With a focus on healthcare, human-centered design, and health IT, he is uniquely positioned to discuss the challenges and opportunities in these domains. His ability to bridge the gap between clinical expertise and technological innovation equips him to offer actionable advice on clinical documentation, quality improvement, decision support, and much more.

Dr. Joseph's expertise in navigating regulatory landscapes and optimizing clinician workflows makes him a voice of authority, capable of guiding the audience through the intricate terrain of healthcare technology. Book him to gain a comprehensive understanding of how the fusion of healthcare and IT can revolutionize the industry, all while benefitting from the perspective of a seasoned leader who has embraced every facet of healthcare's dynamic landscape.

Designing for Health

Designing for Health

The Human-Centered Approach


In Network Podcast

Conversations between Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and health and design experts across the health ecosystem

The Incrementalist

Dr. Craig reports about what the future of healthcare looks like, how we will get there, and what it will take to improve healthcare for all.

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