Cody Bramlett

Founder at Science Natural Supplements
Speaker, Entrepreneur, Coach

Bio Info

Cody Bramlett is a “recovering personal trainer” turned eight-figure nutritional supplement brand owner.  After scraping by as a personal trainer and gym owner, Cody’s supplement empire all started with solving one simple problem: His father was suffering from chronic inflammation.

Bramlett’s dad was in extreme pain because of his diet, stress, and being generally overweight. The doctors seemingly couldn’t provide any relief, but Cody was determined to find a way to help him...and he did! His custom formulated products such as Turmeric with BioPerine that stopped his Dad’s chronic inflammation in its tracks, and he also went on to research the science behind other pure, natural ingredients.

This empowered Bramlett to start growing his company, Science Natural Supplements, to help other people get pain-free, lose weight, and overall, just feel great about themselves! As a result of starting and scaling Science Naturals, Cody now also teaches other driven entrepreneurs how to profitably start, scale, and sell their own nutritional supplement brands through his coaching and mastermind called, Supplement Millionaire.

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