Clinton Donnelly

Founder and President, CryptoTaxAudit

Bio Info

Clinton Donnelly is a leading authority on cryptocurrency tax law and international financial regulation. As the founder of CryptoTaxAudit and DonnellyTaxLaw, he has established himself as a go-to expert in the field, with a track record of success in defending clients from the IRS. With clients in 71 countries, Clinton has developed innovative approaches to protecting taxpayers, such as anti-money laundering reporting, crypto disclosure strategies, and forensic accounting of crypto income. With over 20 years of experience, Clinton's expertise in cryptocurrency taxation is unparalleled, and he has authored several books on the topic.

He is also a sought-after conference speaker for digital nomads, expats, and cryptotraders. With the recent collapse of FTX and the IRS hiring 87,000 new agents to crack down on taxpayers, Donnelly's knowledge is more crucial than ever for those investing in cryptocurrencies. So, if you're looking for an authoritative voice on crypto taxes and regulation, Clinton Donnelly is the ideal guest!

The Clinton Donnelly Show

Clinton shares real world strategies, time tested tactics, and expert discussions with influencers about cryptos, taxes, audits, and the regulatory framework that’s evolving around cryptos.


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Published Works

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: Avoiding IRS Audits of Form 2555

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Understand how the IRS will pursue crypto traders and how you can protect yourself.

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An absolute must for every crypto trader to be safe and sleep well at night.

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What you need to know about US taxes as an American living abroad.

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