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Kamran Saddique

Kamran Saddique

Co-Founder & Co CEO

Kamran Saddique is a forward-thinking leader who has helped drive innovation and change in the government technology space. As the Co-founder and Co-CEO of City Innovate, Kamran has been leading innovative approaches to urban problem-solving for the past decade. He also serves as the Executive Director of City Innovate Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between cities, startups, and academia to drive innovation in urban governance. In addition, he also served as head of investments to a company owned by one of the royal family members in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and as a VP of Private Equity for Convergence Capital in the Dubai International Financial Centre, where he closed transactions in various sectors, including real estate, aviation, mining, water desalination, carbon credits, health, education, and media.

Kamran is an ideal guest for go-to-market podcasts that target public sector CIOs due to his extensive experience in financial engineering and technology entrepreneurship. His expertise in various areas such as open data, procurement innovation, startups, and urban innovation is highly valuable to audiences interested in the latest trends in smart city initiatives and innovative approaches to urban problem-solving. Book Kamran now to gain insights into these areas and more!

Jay Nath


Jay Nath is a leading figure in the govtech industry, with extensive experience in public service and product development. As Co-CEO of City Innovate, he oversees the development of collaborative document automation software that helps government be more effective, equitable, and responsive. Jay is best known for his leadership in the Startup in Residence program, which brings together entrepreneurs and government officials to create new commercial products. He was also the first Chief Innovation Officer for the Mayor of San Francisco, where he established the Mayor's Office of Civic Innovation and created the pioneering Civic Bridge program, which brought together pro bono talent from across sectors to solve critical challenges.

Jay's expertise in open data, procurement innovation, startups, and urban innovation has garnered media coverage from CNN, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and many others. He has delivered keynote speeches at major conferences, including the Chief Innovation Officers Summit, WEF, and the Code for America Summit. Jay's experience and leadership make him an ideal guest for podcasts with an audience consisting of public sector CIOs. Book him for now for your audience to gain insights into how to innovate and collaborate with government to solve large-scale problems!

Jay Nath
Marlon Paulo

Marlon Paulo 

Executive Vice President

Marlon Paulo is a highly regarded executive vice president of professional services at City Innovate. With a career spanning almost a decade as the Deputy Director at Statewide Technology Procurement for the Department of Technology at the State of California, Marlon has extensive experience in the information technology, supply chain, complex projects, and services industry. During his tenure as the chief technology procurement officer for the state of California from 2017 to 2021, Marlon led the initiative to push for faster adoption of technology by state, county, and city agencies by promoting challenge-based procurements. With his strong leadership skills and purchasing expertise, Marlon has been instrumental in modernizing the state's procurement system, making it more efficient and effective.

Marlon's wealth of experience and expertise in procurement innovation, smart cities, urban innovation, and startups make him an ideal guest for podcasts aimed at public sector CIOs. He is widely respected in the industry for his innovative thinking and proven ability to effect change in challenging environments. If you are looking for fresh perspectives and innovative ideas, you should not miss the opportunity to hear from Marlon Paulo!

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