Christopher Willis

Christopher Willis

CMO and CPO at Acrolinx
AI Content Governance and Brand Alignment Strategy Expert

Bio Info

Christopher P Willis is Acrolinx’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all aspects of the company’s Marketing strategy. Christopher is a specialist in Content Governance, AI and pipeline management with over 20 years of experience growing companies in the technology sector. Before joining Acrolinx, Christopher held leadership roles in marketing, creative, technical, and business development at companies including Perfecto, Pyxis Mobile, KPMG-CT, ModelGolf, and Cambridge Technology Group. Willis is a recognized thought leader in the areas of AI, DEI and Content Governance, and is active within industry groups dedicated to the growth and health of Marketing Technology and the verticals he serves.

Christopher is a dynamic, captivating and knowledgeable speaker, with insightful stories from his many years working with some of the biggest tech names in the world, including Google, Facebook and Twitter. Some of his thoughts on the importance of content governance and brand alignement today are incredibly valuable and actionable for a range of audiences in tech, operations, leadership and brand alignment.

Christopher is also a CrossFit coach and passionate about physical health, as well as sports discipline and team-building. Hosts and listeners will love his tips and insights on how to keep fit mentally and physically in today's business world. 

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Topic Suggestions

Understanding why your content is a valuable asset.

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The role of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in communications today.

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Aligning content with your brand and customer type.

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Making your content consistent, valuable and appropriate across different cultures, languages and writers.

Structured sports, team-building, operations and executive management!

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