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Chris Reilly

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Chris Reilly is a finance professional with a background in consulting, corporate finance, and private equity. His journey in the world of finance began with a historic experience, working on the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis. This was one of several high-profile bankruptcies Chris was exposed to early in his career when he was working for FTI Consulting, one of the most reputable management consulting firms in the world.

Following his consultancy tenure, Chris Reilly took on a Senior Analyst role in FP&A and Treasury at Hilton Worldwide. Hilton, which was owned by Blackstone at the time, gave Chris direct exposure to the world of “private equity,” and he simply had to know more.

Having a “nontraditional background” for private equity, Chris researched the industry and taught himself to build LBO financial models in his spare time, which ultimately helped him break into middle-market private equity in Denver, where he honed his expertise for nearly a decade.

In 2020, he turned his entrepreneurial dream into reality by founding Financial Modeling Education, a company that teaches finance professionals to build advanced financial models for FP&A and Private Equity in a relatable, down-to-earth style.

In addition to his education work, Chris has established himself as an influential figure in finance, having over 85,000 followers on LinkedIn, where he shares valuable insights and practical advice to help finance professionals excel in their careers.

For finance enthusiasts ranging from junior to senior positions in finance, including CFOs and C-suite executives, Chris Reilly is the go-to expert. With his deep knowledge of financial modeling, private equity, and FP&A, he is uniquely qualified to provide valuable insights and guidance on these often nuanced and misunderstood topics.

Whether your audience is new to the world of finance or comprised of seasoned professionals, Chris’s expertise and experience make him a perfect fit for podcasts and discussions, where he can share his wealth of knowledge and help simplify the intricate landscape of finance.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Chris and elevate your audience's financial acumen to new heights. Book him today and tap into his wealth of expertise.

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