Chris Papin

Owner, Papin CPA

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Chris Papin is a multi-talented professional with an impressive array of qualifications that give him a unique, holistic perspective as an advisor – a licensed attorney, a certified public accountant, and a life, accident, and health insurance producer.

Chris holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in accounting from the University of Oklahoma. He earned his Certified Public Accountant designation in 2007, followed by a Juris Doctor degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 2008. Admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court in 2010, Chris has garnered recognition for his achievements, including being chosen for the 2009-2010 Leadership Academy Class by the Oklahoma Bar Association and receiving the 2010 Trailblazer honor from the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants. In 2017 Chris' firm received the Recipient Thomson Reuters Innovation Award, a customer superstar award in the Thomson Reuters community, for doing the most to innovate, invigorate, and grow its practice for the benefit of its clients.

In 2022 Chris won the Top Emerging Firms of the Year, an award that celebrates innovative and forward-thinking companies that have made a significant impact in their respective industries. This prestigious award recognizes emerging firms that have demonstrated exceptional growth, financial performance, and a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It serves as a testament to the recipient's dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and business excellence.

Podcasts catering to small business owners and operators should consider Chris Papin as a remarkable addition to their guest lineup. With his background, Chris possesses the unique ability to offer insights into advisory services based on forward looking planning, while being an ethical, trusted advisor. His dual expertise empowers him to guide businesses through intricate financial and legal landscapes, ensuring strategic planning, compliance, and growth.

Chris's wealth of experience, combined with his focus on building lasting client relationships and his innovative approach recognized by Thomson Reuters, makes him a prime candidate for podcast conversations that can provide actionable advice and inspiration to their audience. He is a bridge between the legal and financial realms, guiding small businesses toward brighter tomorrows.

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