Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer, MyVitalC

Bio Info

Chris Burres is the Chief Science Officer and the Co-Founder of MyVitalC, a company dedicated to evolving and growing the ESS60 market. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse background in various fields, from Mechanical Engineering to Comedy Improv.

As the co-owner of SES Research Inc., Chris has delivered carbon nanomaterials to research institutions worldwide since 1991. His company's product was used in the original study that showed test subjects, rats, lived 90%, which was peer-reviewed and published research. Chris is also the co-owner of EWR Digital since 1999 and has been hosting the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes, the SEO Podcast - The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Chris is a sought-after podcast guest, appearing on over 100 shows, including The Dr. Gundry Podcast. His expertise in the science of nano-antioxidants and cutting-edge research on alternative health and wellness, coupled with his entrepreneurial experience, makes him an amazing expert for anyone interested in cutting-edge research on health improvement. If you want to feature a knowledgeable and engaging guest on alternative health and wellness, book Chris as a guest now!

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Topic Suggestions

The longevity revolution: How technology and science are changing the aging narrative

The success story of SES Research: From university to carbon fullerenes manufacturing

Gaining insights from the longest longevity experiment on aging and lifespan

Examining the research on ESS60 and its potential benefits as a Nobel Prize-winning molecule

Delving into the science of ESS60 as a nano antioxidant

Tips for safely purchasing high-quality supplements

How MyVitalC can mitigate oxidative stress from pollution and harmful substances

The potential impact of MyVitalC as a supplement on promoting a longer and healthier life

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