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Cary Sparrow

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Cary Sparrow is the Founder and CEO of WageScape, where they provide developers, analysts, and consulting firms with access to the world’s largest, most up-to-date labor market data collection. This makes the labor market more transparent, opening the doors to tremendous efficiencies and world-changing innovation. The WageScape team takes a serious and impactful approach to tackling big market issues, providing the best data to drive the best decisions, and helping businesses succeed in an $80T market.

Sparrow is a former US Navy submarine officer, having served on several nuclear submarines. He has combined 35+ years of engineering, military, consulting, and operations leadership in achieving organizational growth within HR, IT, engineering, and technology verticals. As the CEO of WageScape, serving clients and building outstanding partnerships and meaningful relationships is the best part of the job for Cary.

Cary is ready to continue sharing unique insights on current trends in the labor market including hiring, pay, and competition for talent. He's excited about helping CXOs, tech leaders, as well as HR professionals create solutions to focus on growth and innovation. Book him now!

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Topic Suggestions

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Keeping up with the competition in a changing market by predicting the future of pay

How real-time pay trends help make the labor market more transparent

How is compensation a major factor in successful talent acquisition?

What are some of the most currently in-demand jobs in the global market?

Talent Recruiting - Identifying and developing skill trends to compete in today’s global hiring market

How can developers, analysts, and consulting firms access the world’s largest, most up-to-date labor market data collection?

How next-gen labor market intelligence let's you stop flying blind when hiring & making pay decisions

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