Bryan Farris

Founder, President, CEO, Startup Coach at Goldfish

Bio Info

Bryan is an accomplished entrepreneur, full-stack developer, and expert strategist. With a decade of prowess in shaping groundbreaking web and mobile applications, as the President and CEO of Goldfish he oversees a skilled team that offers a comprehensive array of end-to-end solutions. With a (trademarked) Motivation-Driven Design Process, they are able to offer business strategy consulting, mobile and web development, project management, media and graphics, and investor pitch preparation. They are the go-to partner for clients seeking 360 Degree Consulting to successfully launch products.

Bryan's proficiency encompasses software programming, coupled with a talent for crafting robust database structures and developing backend servers and REST APIs. Writing code that matters with an emphasis on the business model part of it makes his project management mastery effortless, from initial planning to seamless distribution.

Bryan is passionate about driving social and environmental impact through his work, having previously worked in affordable housing in Pakistan as a 2010 Acumen Fund Global Fellow. Away from the digital realm, Bryan is a passionate world traveler, having explored 134 countries and territories. When he's not building products, you'll find him playing ice hockey, watching the San Jose Sharks or American Football (shoutout to the San Francisco 49ers!), reading, or watching the news.

With a diverse skill set and passion for both innovation and exploration, Bryan brings a distinctive perspective to every project. Book him now!

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