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Brian Lobley, the Chief Executive Officer at tango, stands as a veteran in the healthcare industry with a track record spanning over two decades. His expertise lies in pioneering innovative approaches to healthcare delivery, particularly in the realm of home health care, Medicare Advantage, and health plans. With an impressive background in leading healthcare businesses and operations, Brian has been at the forefront of driving transformative change. His tenure as the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and President of Health Markets at Independence Health Group, overseeing diverse lines of business, exemplifies his strategic acumen.

Podcasts catering to healthcare executives, home health agencies, providers, and payers would greatly benefit from Brian’s insights. His understanding of the complexities within the healthcare landscape, makes him an invaluable resource for discussions around improving patient outcomes, enhancing access to quality care, and simplifying administrative processes. Listeners can gain invaluable perspectives from his wealth of experience, enabling them to navigate the evolving healthcare industry with clarity and purpose. Tune in to Brian's discussions and tap into the wealth of knowledge he offers, empowering healthcare professionals to shape a future where home-based care is not just a possibility but a standard, accessible to all who need it.

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Topic Suggestions

Strategies to ensure timely, high-quality, and compassionate patient experiences for in-home care delivery

A collaborative approach in navigating value-based care models in home health

The role of technology in expanding access and enhancing value in home-based clinical care management

Innovations in Medicare Advantage: Improving Stars performance and administrative efficiencies

Strategic partnerships in home health care: Exploring collaborative initiatives for better patient outcomes

Addressing challenges and enhancing care coordination in home health for dual-eligible populations

Future trends in managed Medicaid: Adapting with changing regulations and patient needs

Enhancing patient engagement in home health: Strategies for improving patient adherence and satisfaction

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