Brent Kesler

CEO and Owner, The Money Multiplier

Bio Info

Brent Kesler is the owner of The Money Multiplier. Brent, a former chiropractor, implemented the "Money Multiplier" concept, an innovative personal finance strategy he used to pay off nearly $1 million in debt in just over 3 years. This life-changing experience inspired him to become a passionate advocate for wealth-building strategies.

For over a decade, Brent has been on a mission to educate others on breaking free from financial bondage through smart investing and banking practices. He lectures extensively on the Infinite Banking Concept - a 200-year-old wealth management method that empowers individuals to keep and grow their money through specialized whole life insurance policies. Brent's unwavering belief is that everyone, regardless of income level, deserves access to this powerful financial knowledge.

Inviting Brent as a guest would provide tremendous value to any audience interested in personal finance, banking, and investing. With his ability to simplify complex financial concepts and his passion for financial education, he can equip listeners with the tools they need to achieve true financial independence and create generational wealth. Brent's insights can inspire your audience to take control of their financial destiny through proven strategies.

Brent's Book

Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery: Step Into the Secrets of the Wealthy

What if you could get all the money back for every purchase you’ve ever made and create wealth through the debts and expenses you already have?

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